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Scorpion Front Publishing

Bert Grimm: The Bert Grimm Tattoo Museum Collection

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Presenting, BERT GRIMM: The Bert Grimm Tattoo Museum Collection

PRE-ORDER NOW! Explore the rich legacy and tradition of the Grimm Tattoo Family Collection, meticulously curated by Wes Grimm. This stunning 360-page book offers an exclusive look into the life and career of Bert Grimm, showcasing his personal family photo album, rare photographs, artifacts, letters, and a massive collection of rare Flash Sheets.

What’s Inside:

Over 100 Flash Sheets by Bert Grimm: Spanning from 1914 to his final year, these sheets capture the essence of Bert’s artistry.

More than 40 Sheets by Gene Grimm: Featuring the unique style of another talented member of the Grimm family.

Over 100 Flash sheets by Berts personal colleagues, family, and Friends: Featuring Wes Grimm, Ray Smith, Darnell Potter, Ed Horton, Lee Roy Minugh, L.L. McKeever, O.J. Neal, Robert Heyman, William Grimshaw, and Ernie Sutton.

Never-Before-Seen Photographs: Including cabinet cards and rare images from Bert’s vibrant life and career.

Book Details:

Limited Edition

Hardcover, Casebound

360 Pages

Dimensions: 12” wide by 10.5” tall

This is a pre-order opportunity. Secure your copy now and be among the first to receive this extraordinary collection when shipping begins in fall 2024.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of tattoo history. Pre-order your copy of “BERT GRIMM: The Bert Grimm Tattoo Museum Collection” today!